Irssi core bugs


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ID  desc Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System
820 Feature Request core Low Expose the hidden tab-completion alternatives selection... 2011-09-07 Unconfirmed Linux
819 Bug Report core Low /top tab-completion prevents later /topic tab-completio... 2011-09-07 Unconfirmed Linux
818 Feature Request core Low Hilight the text on the screen, what i'm typing, on-the... 2011-08-09 Unconfirmed All
817 Bug Report core High SegFault when executing bind command 2011-08-05 Unconfirmed Linux
816 Bug Report core Very Low Unicode in statusbar items causes miscalculation in len... 2011-08-01 Unconfirmed All
814 Bug Report core Low GLib warnings on exit when irssi is built --with-perl-s... 2011-07-12 Unconfirmed All
813 Bug Report core Low dcc list shows incorrect units 2011-07-06 Unconfirmed Linux
812 Bug Report core Low Arbitrary 10ms minimum for perl timeout_add functions 2011-07-06 Unconfirmed Linux
809 Feature Request core Low ability for ignore to ignore only when displaying 2011-06-26 Unconfirmed Linux
807 Bug Report core Medium irssi + Adobe Photoshop + Microsoft Windows 2011-06-06 Unconfirmed Windows
806 Feature Request core Low Include Command in Configuration Files 2011-05-30 Unconfirmed All
805 Feature Request proxy Low Support for userhost in NAMES reply 2011-05-14 Unconfirmed All
803 Bug Report core Low MSGLEVEL_NOHILIGHT different from level2bits("NOHILIGHT... 2011-04-25 New Linux
802 Bug Report core Low "defined(%hash) is deprecated" error 2011-04-23 Unconfirmed Linux
801 Bug Report core Low irssi crashed 2011-04-17 Unconfirmed Linux
800 Bug Report recode Medium different recode for dcc and usual nicknames (patch inc... 2011-04-15 Unconfirmed All
799 Bug Report core Low privmsg screen initiated by a nick which ends in traili... 2011-04-15 Unconfirmed Linux
798 Bug Report core Medium Patch: Irssi::signal_remove to allow removal of handler... 2011-04-08 Unconfirmed Linux
797 Feature Request core Medium Patch adding scripting interface for /BIND-like keybind... 2011-04-07 Unconfirmed All
796 Feature Request core Low Parse FLOOD= information from ISUPPORT 2011-03-27 Unconfirmed Linux
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