Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System
735 Bug Report core Medium Notify list always triggers "WHOIS server load too heav... 2010-02-01 Unconfirmed Linux
726 Bug Report core Medium PROMPT statusbar items handled oddly when multiple are ... 2009-12-15 Unconfirmed Linux
725 Bug Report core Medium window move up/down loses windows 2009-12-09 Unconfirmed Linux
723 Feature Request recode Medium recode doesn't affect nicknames, even if set for networ... 2009-12-01 Unconfirmed FreeBSD
721 Bug Report core Medium binding ctrl-^ 2009-11-09 Unconfirmed Linux
705 Bug Report core Medium crash 2009-09-06 Unconfirmed Linux
702 Bug Report core Medium layout behaviour change since 0.8.13 2009-09-03 Unconfirmed Linux
701 Bug Report core Medium 'print text' signal has null pointer in arguments, caus... 2009-09-02 Unconfirmed Linux
699 Bug Report recode Medium No one from recode settings does affect non-UTF8 chars ... 2009-08-31 Unconfirmed Linux
697 Bug Report core Medium --hostname=ipv6-address works, -host ipv6-address did n... 2009-08-27 Unconfirmed Linux
696 Bug Report core Medium Set the UTF8 flag on SvPVs when passing them to a perl ... 2009-08-12 Unconfirmed All
688 Feature Request proxy Medium Allow proxy binding to multiple addresses/interfaces/ne... 2009-07-07 Unconfirmed Linux
685 Feature Request core Medium Need a way to disable tab auto-completion when nothing ... 2009-06-27 Unconfirmed All
675 Feature Request proxy Medium Irssi proxy does not maintain PING/PONG between the pro... 2009-05-20 Unconfirmed All
666 Bug Report core Medium VC + Screen + Irssi: Limited colour set 2009-04-17 Unconfirmed Linux
661 Bug Report core Medium irssi crashed when moved splitted window down (up) 2009-03-31 Unconfirmed Linux
645 Feature Request proxy Medium [PATCH] irssiproxy SSL support 2009-02-27 New All
643 Feature Request core Medium Please make use of several IP addresses if available 2009-02-24 Unconfirmed Linux
641 Bug Report core Medium irssi causes several CPU wakeups per second when comple... 2009-02-21 New All
637 Bug Report proxy Medium Windows installer / USB package does not have proxy sup... 2009-01-10 Unconfirmed Windows
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