Irssi core bugs

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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status  desc Operating System
5 Bug Report core Very Low print_active_channel not for actions 2004-03-08 Requires testing Linux
779 Bug Report core Medium irssi crashes after modem reboot 2010-12-11 Waiting on Customer Mac OS
639 Feature Request core Low irssi should respect the -auto flag for channels on rec... 2009-01-29 Researching Linux
543 Bug Report core High Irssi does not build on Mac OS X 10.5 2007-11-03 Researching Mac OS
59 Feature Request core Very Low autoclose_query disconnects dcc chat even if the window... 2004-05-31 Researching Linux
745 Feature Request core High Tracker Bug for Irssi 0.8.16 2010-03-30 Assigned All
362 Bug Report recode Low Recode does not work on !channels 2006-01-07 Assigned Linux
359 Bug Report recode Low Messages that can be detected as UTF-8 are not sent in ... 2005-12-31 Assigned All
885 Bug Report core High Irssi segfaults upon /part or, sometimes, a server time... 2013-02-27 New Linux
828 Bug Report core Low Some special messages are logged incorrectly 2011-12-23 New Linux
803 Bug Report core Low MSGLEVEL_NOHILIGHT different from level2bits("NOHILIGHT... 2011-04-25 New Linux
788 Bug Report core Low Infinite loop / segfault on particular keybindings 2011-01-25 New Linux
758 Bug Report core Low "/join #foo " and "/join foo" work when you did _not_ j... 2010-06-21 New All
691 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] Proxy enhancements (incl. native SOCKS5 support... 2009-07-26 New Linux
654 Bug Report core Low Complete online documentation 2009-03-22 New All
646 Bug Report core Low [PATCH] Nick of someone using /me hilights you if it ma... 2009-02-27 New Linux
645 Feature Request proxy Medium [PATCH] irssiproxy SSL support 2009-02-27 New All
641 Bug Report core Medium irssi causes several CPU wakeups per second when comple... 2009-02-21 New All
615 Bug Report core Low /format settings don't auto-save 2008-08-14 New Linux
610 Bug Report core Low keyboard_entry_redirect needs reworking to fix overlapp... 2008-08-07 New Linux
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