Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System
274 Bug Report core Medium Split window_inactive bar messed up when "window"&"act"... 2005-07-11 Unconfirmed Solaris
269 Bug Report core Medium cmd_queue_speed and cmds_max_at_once require reconnect 2005-06-25 New All
268 Bug Report core Medium "/foreach window /window stick" doesn't work 2005-06-24 New All
253 Feature Request core Medium Missing /! history command 2005-06-01 Unconfirmed All
243 Feature Request recode Medium Add recode fallback per target 2005-05-07 Unconfirmed All
207 Bug Report core Medium Unix Domain Socket connect 2005-02-26 Unconfirmed Linux
180 Bug Report core Medium irssi coredumps on a channel configuration line (perhap... 2005-01-22 New Linux
160 Bug Report core Medium /join !!channel breaks !channel if you're on it 2004-12-17 New Linux
129 Bug Report core Medium TAB not working after directory name with space " " 2004-09-27 New Linux
73 Bug Report core Medium Irssi does not join channels after reconnect. (Read IRC... 2004-06-13 New Linux
70 Bug Report core Medium /upgrade stops logs 2004-06-08 Unconfirmed Linux
51 Bug Report core Medium Window code loses windows 2004-05-20 Unconfirmed Linux
36 Bug Report core Medium Irssi just crashes, no idea why [ssl] 2004-04-20 New Linux
921 Bug Report core Low Right aligned statusbars do not redraw properly. 2014-05-28 Unconfirmed Linux
920 Bug Report core Low enable /lastlog when connected via irssiproxy module 2014-05-23 Unconfirmed Linux
915 Bug Report core Low Wildcards in the nick inconsistent between commands 2014-04-10 Unconfirmed All
913 Feature Request core Low /help log doesn't mention autolog 2014-03-21 Unconfirmed All
912 Bug Report core Low Mailing-list archive links broken 2014-02-07 Unconfirmed All
911 Bug Report core Low hilight-text improperly restores previous color 2014-01-31 Unconfirmed Linux
909 Bug Report core Low color code with no values followed by comma works appea... 2013-12-03 Unconfirmed Linux
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