Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity  desc Summary Opened Status Operating System
897 Bug Report core Medium autoresume works, manual doesn't 2013-07-20 Unconfirmed Mac OS
896 Bug Report core Medium When completing nicks, don't add server for /DCC GET 2013-07-20 Unconfirmed All
895 Bug Report core Medium module function namespace collisions 2013-07-14 Unconfirmed Linux
892 Bug Report core Medium Cannot download to cifs or smbfs mounted partition 2013-05-21 Unconfirmed Linux
889 Bug Report core Medium chat logging writes to file ~/irclogs/.log; only works ... 2013-04-18 Unconfirmed Linux
876 Bug Report core Medium Irssi keeps on opening new windows when trying to join ... 2012-09-04 Unconfirmed All
871 Bug Report core Medium Segfault when Irssi::Windowitem::print is called with u... 2012-06-22 Unconfirmed Linux
839 Bug Report core Medium Log files are not closed correctly, causing files to be... 2012-03-18 Unconfirmed Linux
829 Feature Request core Medium Special variable for a hostname [patch] 2011-12-26 Unconfirmed Linux
821 Bug Report core Medium 24 days timestamp limit without proper error message 2011-09-22 Unconfirmed Linux
807 Bug Report core Medium irssi + Adobe Photoshop + Microsoft Windows 2011-06-06 Unconfirmed Windows
800 Bug Report recode Medium different recode for dcc and usual nicknames (patch inc... 2011-04-15 Unconfirmed All
798 Bug Report core Medium Patch: Irssi::signal_remove to allow removal of handler... 2011-04-08 Unconfirmed Linux
797 Feature Request core Medium Patch adding scripting interface for /BIND-like keybind... 2011-04-07 Unconfirmed All
794 Bug Report core Medium TEXT_DEST_REC modifications are ignored by signal_conti... 2011-02-28 Unconfirmed Linux
779 Bug Report core Medium irssi crashes after modem reboot 2010-12-11 Waiting on Customer Mac OS
772 Bug Report core Medium Irssi crashes with Invalid Free() with custom statusbar... 2010-10-09 Unconfirmed Linux
759 Bug Report core Medium missing support for inspircd's ERR_CANTJOINOPERSONLY (5... 2010-06-27 Unconfirmed All
742 Feature Request core Medium Support for owner(~) and admin(&) modes 2010-03-21 Unconfirmed All
741 Feature Request core Medium Implement ban like functionality for quiets 2010-02-24 Unconfirmed All
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