Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System  desc
917 Bug Report core Very Low Revert bug 316 - default tab completion should NOT stop... 2014-05-05 Unconfirmed Linux
914 Feature Request core Medium Patch attached: allow themes to reside in ~/.irssi/them... 2014-04-07 Unconfirmed Linux
911 Bug Report core Low hilight-text improperly restores previous color 2014-01-31 Unconfirmed Linux
909 Bug Report core Low color code with no values followed by comma works appea... 2013-12-03 Unconfirmed Linux
908 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] support SRV records 2013-11-27 Unconfirmed Linux
904 Bug Report core Medium paste_buffer_join_lines() - wrong use of "paste_buffer"... 2013-11-09 Unconfirmed Linux
903 Bug Report core Low Implement PSYC (Protocol for Synchronous Conferencing) ... 2013-10-17 Unconfirmed Linux
902 Bug Report core Low Empty lines in output of "exec" command cause "Not enou... 2013-09-19 Unconfirmed Linux
901 Feature Request core Low please make INVITES part of activity_hilight_level by d... 2013-09-18 Unconfirmed Linux
900 Bug Report core Low Hilight only triggers at the beginning of a line 2013-09-17 Unconfirmed Linux
899 Bug Report core High Segfault on "gui print text finished" signal and "Irssi... 2013-07-29 Unconfirmed Linux
895 Bug Report core Medium module function namespace collisions 2013-07-14 Unconfirmed Linux
893 Bug Report recode Low problem that recode doesn't affect nicknames and topic,... 2013-05-28 Unconfirmed Linux
892 Bug Report core Medium Cannot download to cifs or smbfs mounted partition 2013-05-21 Unconfirmed Linux
891 Bug Report core High irssi freezes unexpectedly, no network/resource issues ... 2013-05-19 Unconfirmed Linux
890 Bug Report core High irssi recreates channels "temporarily unavailable" due ... 2013-04-28 Unconfirmed Linux
889 Bug Report core Medium chat logging writes to file ~/irclogs/.log; only works ... 2013-04-18 Unconfirmed Linux
887 Bug Report core Low Theme not saved to same location as loaded from 2013-03-23 Unconfirmed Linux
885 Bug Report core High Irssi segfaults upon /part or, sometimes, a server time... 2013-02-27 New Linux
884 Feature Request core Low Implement a clean way to load scripts automatically 2013-02-14 Unconfirmed Linux
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