Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary  desc Opened Status Operating System
915 Bug Report core Low Wildcards in the nick inconsistent between commands 2014-04-10 Unconfirmed All
224 Feature Request core Low wildcard matching for log targets 2005-03-30 Unconfirmed All
792 Bug Report core Low wide ncurses are not properly detected 2011-02-14 Unconfirmed Linux
270 Bug Report core Very Low When using a proxy (spec. ctrlproxy) irssi does not set... 2005-06-27 Unconfirmed Linux
896 Bug Report core Medium When completing nicks, don't add server for /DCC GET 2013-07-20 Unconfirmed All
449 Feature Request core Very Low Warning about term_force_colors on startup in black and... 2006-09-13 Unconfirmed Linux
310 Feature Request core Medium vertical splits 2005-09-11 Unconfirmed All
666 Bug Report core Medium VC + Screen + Irssi: Limited colour set 2009-04-17 Unconfirmed Linux
358 Bug Report recode High UTF-8 charset in reconv broken on native Solaris iconv 2005-12-26 Unconfirmed Solaris
743 Bug Report core Low UTF-8 characters in theme files are displayed as questi... 2010-03-21 Unconfirmed Linux
329 Bug Report core Low usermode-setting isn't respected on automatic reconnect 2005-10-09 New All
207 Bug Report core Medium Unix Domain Socket connect 2005-02-26 Unconfirmed Linux
816 Bug Report core Very Low Unicode in statusbar items causes miscalculation in len... 2011-08-01 Unconfirmed All
832 Bug Report proxy Low Undesirable behaviour when multiple clients are connect... 2012-01-30 Unconfirmed All
745 Feature Request core High Tracker Bug for Irssi 0.8.16 2010-03-30 Assigned All
719 Bug Report core Very Low Topic completion does not work with alternate cmdchar 2009-11-06 Unconfirmed Linux
230 Bug Report core Very Low Topic completion bug 2005-04-11 New Linux
887 Bug Report core Low Theme not saved to same location as loaded from 2013-03-23 Unconfirmed Linux
794 Bug Report core Medium TEXT_DEST_REC modifications are ignored by signal_conti... 2011-02-28 Unconfirmed Linux
129 Bug Report core Medium TAB not working after directory name with space " " 2004-09-27 New Linux
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