Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System  desc
275 Bug Report core Medium /hilight -mask -line nick!*@* fails 2005-07-12 New Solaris
274 Bug Report core Medium Split window_inactive bar messed up when "window"&"act"... 2005-07-11 Unconfirmed Solaris
119 Bug Report core Very Low NFS unmount crashes irc 2004-09-12 Unconfirmed Solaris
532 Feature Request core High $HOME environment variable handling 2007-09-25 Unconfirmed Other
326 Bug Report core Very Low Irssi 0.8.9 coredump 2005-10-07 Unconfirmed Other
782 Bug Report core Very Low Wrong string length calculation for paste_prompt 2011-01-10 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
757 Bug Report core Low ipv4 address fallback when ipv6 address does not have i... 2010-06-12 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
690 Bug Report core Low openbsd + screen + irssi segfault 2009-07-17 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
579 Bug Report core Medium Irssi does not fall back to to IPv4 address if IPv6 add... 2008-04-10 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
535 Bug Report core Medium fe-text headers & deal with statusbar in modules 2007-10-08 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
456 Feature Request core High irssi should notify on truncated messages 2006-10-03 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
897 Bug Report core Medium autoresume works, manual doesn't 2013-07-20 Unconfirmed Mac OS
837 Bug Report core High Build fails, irssi looking for clang in non-supported d... 2012-02-29 Unconfirmed Mac OS
779 Bug Report core Medium irssi crashes after modem reboot 2010-12-11 Waiting on Customer Mac OS
773 Bug Report core Low Errors, can't remove statusbar if statusbar name contai... 2010-10-11 Unconfirmed Mac OS
768 Bug Report core Low exec only generates output sporadically 2010-09-30 Unconfirmed Mac OS
543 Bug Report core High Irssi does not build on Mac OS X 10.5 2007-11-03 Researching Mac OS
415 Bug Report core Low dcc transfers don't work with some filenames 2006-05-03 Unconfirmed Mac OS
921 Bug Report core Low Right aligned statusbars do not redraw properly. 2014-05-28 Unconfirmed Linux
920 Bug Report core Low enable /lastlog when connected via irssiproxy module 2014-05-23 Unconfirmed Linux
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