Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened  desc Status Operating System
281 Feature Request core Very Low It should be possible to set/remove the theme element "... 2005-07-19 Unconfirmed Linux
277 Feature Request core Very Low /server results in accidental reconnection 2005-07-16 Unconfirmed Linux
276 Bug Report core Very Low "make install" ignores "PREFIX" for perl-stuff 2005-07-12 Unconfirmed Solaris
275 Bug Report core Medium /hilight -mask -line nick!*@* fails 2005-07-12 New Solaris
274 Bug Report core Medium Split window_inactive bar messed up when "window"&"act"... 2005-07-11 Unconfirmed Solaris
270 Bug Report core Very Low When using a proxy (spec. ctrlproxy) irssi does not set... 2005-06-27 Unconfirmed Linux
269 Bug Report core Medium cmd_queue_speed and cmds_max_at_once require reconnect 2005-06-25 New All
268 Bug Report core Medium "/foreach window /window stick" doesn't work 2005-06-24 New All
266 Feature Request core Very Low /bind -delete doesn't give any output 2005-06-23 Unconfirmed Linux
265 Feature Request core Very Low passing context to /script exec 2005-06-23 Unconfirmed Linux
253 Feature Request core Medium Missing /! history command 2005-06-01 Unconfirmed All
251 Support Request core Low colourise prompt/input area 2005-05-16 Unconfirmed All
243 Feature Request recode Medium Add recode fallback per target 2005-05-07 Unconfirmed All
242 Bug Report core Low Can't locate package Irssi::Nick for @Irssi::Irc::Nick:... 2005-05-07 Unconfirmed All
239 Feature Request core Low "tab"-completion for <ctcp command> 2005-05-04 New All
231 Feature Request core Very Low mouse in xterm-compatible terminals 2005-04-15 Unconfirmed Linux
230 Bug Report core Very Low Topic completion bug 2005-04-11 New Linux
229 Feature Request core Very Low "Target change too fast" workaround 2005-04-09 Unconfirmed All
228 Bug Report core High Core dump while ssl connected under detached screen 2005-04-07 Unconfirmed Linux
224 Feature Request core Low wildcard matching for log targets 2005-03-30 Unconfirmed All
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