Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System
329 Bug Report core Low usermode-setting isn't respected on automatic reconnect 2005-10-09 New All
307 Feature Request core Low Integrate settings help 2005-09-09 New All
297 Bug Report core Low Hilight bugs 2005-08-31 New All
251 Support Request core Low colourise prompt/input area 2005-05-16 Unconfirmed All
242 Bug Report core Low Can't locate package Irssi::Nick for @Irssi::Irc::Nick:... 2005-05-07 Unconfirmed All
239 Feature Request core Low "tab"-completion for <ctcp command> 2005-05-04 New All
224 Feature Request core Low wildcard matching for log targets 2005-03-30 Unconfirmed All
220 Feature Request core Low signals for parsed channel modes 2005-03-15 New Linux
218 Feature Request core Low Levels to be considered with tab-completion 2005-03-10 New Linux
208 Feature Request core Low Connecting to a program instead of socket 2005-02-26 Unconfirmed Linux
203 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] add -refnum option to /join, for opening channe... 2005-02-22 Unconfirmed Linux
200 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] add new levels for server-related connection me... 2005-02-22 Unconfirmed Linux
199 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] implement Window::set_sticky method in perl 2005-02-22 Unconfirmed Linux
196 Bug Report core Low DCC GET ignores pwd 2005-02-16 Unconfirmed All
195 Bug Report core Low Problem handling multiple WAIT commands inside an ALIAS 2005-02-15 New Linux
162 Feature Request core Low Default hilight doesn't match if row begins with bold 2004-12-20 New All
158 Bug Report core Low Padding and length calculation of arguments ($...) is b... 2004-12-14 Unconfirmed Linux
147 Feature Request core Low dcc_own_ip - support domain names 2004-11-04 New Linux
135 Feature Request core Low IDN support (umlaut domains) 2004-10-06 Unconfirmed All
133 Bug Report core Low chinese input: characters not displaying in the input a... 2004-10-01 Unconfirmed Linux
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