Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type  asc Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System
892 Bug Report core Medium Cannot download to cifs or smbfs mounted partition 2013-05-21 Unconfirmed Linux
891 Bug Report core High irssi freezes unexpectedly, no network/resource issues ... 2013-05-19 Unconfirmed Linux
890 Bug Report core High irssi recreates channels "temporarily unavailable" due ... 2013-04-28 Unconfirmed Linux
889 Bug Report core Medium chat logging writes to file ~/irclogs/.log; only works ... 2013-04-18 Unconfirmed Linux
887 Bug Report core Low Theme not saved to same location as loaded from 2013-03-23 Unconfirmed Linux
886 Bug Report core Low After using CTRL+Z, there is a black screen and no retu... 2013-02-27 Unconfirmed Windows
885 Bug Report core High Irssi segfaults upon /part or, sometimes, a server time... 2013-02-27 New Linux
883 Bug Report core Low IRSSI "Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped) vulnerabilit... 2013-02-02 Unconfirmed Linux
881 Bug Report core Low Crash in theme_format_expand () when loading psyc 2012-11-30 Unconfirmed Linux
879 Bug Report core Low Should avoid overriding custom SIGTERM handler unless u... 2012-10-24 Unconfirmed All
878 Bug Report core Low irssi segfaults when running a script with threads 2012-09-20 Unconfirmed Linux
876 Bug Report core Medium Irssi keeps on opening new windows when trying to join ... 2012-09-04 Unconfirmed All
873 Bug Report core Very Low Non implemented option --usage documented in man page 2012-08-03 Unconfirmed Linux
872 Bug Report core Low DCC transfer size in scripts is negative for file size ... 2012-07-28 Unconfirmed Linux
871 Bug Report core Medium Segfault when Irssi::Windowitem::print is called with u... 2012-06-22 Unconfirmed Linux
869 Bug Report core Low hilights in backscroll don't work with bip or znc 2012-06-07 Unconfirmed Linux
855 Bug Report core Very Low Compile Failure: GLib version mismatch 2012-04-28 Unconfirmed Linux
842 Bug Report core Low resolve_prefer_ipv6 should be ON by default 2012-03-29 Unconfirmed Linux
840 Bug Report core Very Low IRC protocol violation: when trying to unaway, should s... 2012-03-27 Unconfirmed Linux
839 Bug Report core Medium Log files are not closed correctly, causing files to be... 2012-03-18 Unconfirmed Linux
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