Irssi core bugs


Bugs should be reported on our Github organization. This website is only available for historical purposes.
ID Task Type  asc Category Severity Summary Opened Status Operating System
136 Bug Report Very Low missing output for multiple target messages 2004-10-09 New
383 Bug Report Very Low http proxy + ssl crypts CONNECT 2006-02-19 New
5 Bug Report core Very Low print_active_channel not for actions 2004-03-08 Requires testing Linux
36 Bug Report core Medium Irssi just crashes, no idea why [ssl] 2004-04-20 New Linux
46 Bug Report core Low msg/notices to prefixes (eg /msg +#chan) goes to status 2004-05-14 New Linux
51 Bug Report core Medium Window code loses windows 2004-05-20 Unconfirmed Linux
60 Bug Report core Low 2 icb bugs 2004-05-31 Unconfirmed Linux
70 Bug Report core Medium /upgrade stops logs 2004-06-08 Unconfirmed Linux
73 Bug Report core Medium Irssi does not join channels after reconnect. (Read IRC... 2004-06-13 New Linux
107 Bug Report core Low /me action and hilight 2004-08-22 New Linux
112 Bug Report core Low Irssi silently"accepts" float settings discarding the f... 2004-08-27 New Linux
118 Bug Report core Low status bar hightlight if hilight is set on code that is... 2004-09-08 Unconfirmed Linux
119 Bug Report core Very Low NFS unmount crashes irc 2004-09-12 Unconfirmed Solaris
124 Bug Report core Very Low Assertion failure in query window when cmdchars is set ... 2004-09-17 New Linux
127 Bug Report core Very Low paste detection/confirmation is broken 2004-09-24 New All
129 Bug Report core Medium TAB not working after directory name with space " " 2004-09-27 New Linux
133 Bug Report core Low chinese input: characters not displaying in the input a... 2004-10-01 Unconfirmed Linux
145 Bug Report core Critical irssi compiled under cygwin crashes immediately when ru... 2004-10-30 Unconfirmed Windows
156 Bug Report core Very Low DCC Sends from XChat fail 2004-12-04 New Linux
158 Bug Report core Low Padding and length calculation of arguments ($...) is b... 2004-12-14 Unconfirmed Linux
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