Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary  desc Opened Status Operating System
805 Feature Request proxy Low Support for userhost in NAMES reply 2011-05-14 Unconfirmed All
742 Feature Request core Medium Support for owner(~) and admin(&) modes 2010-03-21 Unconfirmed All
793 Feature Request core Low Support for mIRC's italics control code 2011-02-18 Unconfirmed All
894 Bug Report core Low Suggestion to add two more default bindings 2013-06-17 Unconfirmed All
838 Bug Report core High Strange timestamp display exploit 2012-03-10 Unconfirmed Linux
571 Bug Report core Medium Stop reconnect to servers after crash ISP's internet 2008-03-06 Unconfirmed FreeBSD
680 Bug Report core Low Status messages not printed when usnig special char nic... 2009-06-05 Unconfirmed Linux
118 Bug Report core Low status bar hightlight if hilight is set on code that is... 2004-09-08 Unconfirmed Linux
774 Bug Report core Low Static modules can be unloaded from UI but not reloaded 2010-10-12 Unconfirmed Linux
573 Feature Request core Low SSL at command line 2008-03-18 Unconfirmed Linux
274 Bug Report core Medium Split window_inactive bar messed up when "window"&"act"... 2005-07-11 Unconfirmed Solaris
603 Feature Request core Low Split NOTICES like like normal messages 2008-07-16 New All
829 Feature Request core Medium Special variable for a hostname [patch] 2011-12-26 Unconfirmed Linux
594 Bug Report core Very Low Spacing issue with /window list 2008-05-26 Unconfirmed Linux
152 Feature Request core Very Low Space after completion_char 2004-11-20 New Linux
828 Bug Report core Low Some special messages are logged incorrectly 2011-12-23 New Linux
649 Feature Request core Low Some messages always include network prefix 2009-03-10 Unconfirmed FreeBSD
398 Bug Report recode Medium signal_add_first, recode bug 2006-03-16 Unconfirmed All
220 Feature Request core Low signals for parsed channel modes 2005-03-15 New Linux
401 Bug Report core High sig11 on reconnect in 0.8.10a 2006-03-25 Unconfirmed Linux
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