Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary  desc Opened Status Operating System
183 Bug Report core Very Low \\\\; isn't parsed correctly in aliases or /eval 2005-01-29 New Linux
908 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] support SRV records 2013-11-27 Unconfirmed Linux
678 Feature Request proxy Low [Patch] Send the last few lines of chat when a client c... 2009-05-31 Unconfirmed Linux
691 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] Proxy enhancements (incl. native SOCKS5 support... 2009-07-26 New Linux
647 Bug Report core Low [PATCH] Nicks with a higher rank than +o (for example &... 2009-02-27 Unconfirmed Linux
646 Bug Report core Low [PATCH] Nick of someone using /me hilights you if it ma... 2009-02-27 New Linux
749 Bug Report core Low [patch] make xirssi work with latest SVN 2010-04-18 Unconfirmed Linux
645 Feature Request proxy Medium [PATCH] irssiproxy SSL support 2009-02-27 New All
199 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] implement Window::set_sticky method in perl 2005-02-22 Unconfirmed Linux
619 Feature Request core Low [patch] Do never complete servertags (configurable) 2008-08-28 Unconfirmed All
621 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] Color support for "gui_entry" to allow better s... 2008-09-08 Unconfirmed All
531 Feature Request core Medium [PATCH] Add signal for paste detection events 2007-09-17 Unconfirmed All
200 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] add new levels for server-related connection me... 2005-02-22 Unconfirmed Linux
203 Feature Request core Low [PATCH] add -refnum option to /join, for opening channe... 2005-02-22 Unconfirmed Linux
782 Bug Report core Very Low Wrong string length calculation for paste_prompt 2011-01-10 Unconfirmed OpenBSD
713 Bug Report core Low window_left and window_right behavior changed in recent... 2009-10-22 Unconfirmed Linux
637 Bug Report proxy Medium Windows installer / USB package does not have proxy sup... 2009-01-10 Unconfirmed Windows
725 Bug Report core Medium window move up/down loses windows 2009-12-09 Unconfirmed Linux
604 Feature Request core Very Low window merge 2008-07-17 Unconfirmed All
51 Bug Report core Medium Window code loses windows 2004-05-20 Unconfirmed Linux
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