Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status  desc Operating System
275 Bug Report core Medium /hilight -mask -line nick!*@* fails 2005-07-12 New Solaris
269 Bug Report core Medium cmd_queue_speed and cmds_max_at_once require reconnect 2005-06-25 New All
268 Bug Report core Medium "/foreach window /window stick" doesn't work 2005-06-24 New All
239 Feature Request core Low "tab"-completion for <ctcp command> 2005-05-04 New All
230 Bug Report core Very Low Topic completion bug 2005-04-11 New Linux
220 Feature Request core Low signals for parsed channel modes 2005-03-15 New Linux
218 Feature Request core Low Levels to be considered with tab-completion 2005-03-10 New Linux
195 Bug Report core Low Problem handling multiple WAIT commands inside an ALIAS 2005-02-15 New Linux
186 Feature Request core Very Low editing abstracts of theme with irssi command 2005-02-04 New All
183 Bug Report core Very Low \\\\; isn't parsed correctly in aliases or /eval 2005-01-29 New Linux
180 Bug Report core Medium irssi coredumps on a channel configuration line (perhap... 2005-01-22 New Linux
176 Feature Request core Very Low Command to jump to next server 2005-01-16 New Linux
174 Feature Request core Very Low Continue rawlog on reconnect 2005-01-15 New Linux
170 Bug Report proxy Very Low proxy module sometimes forgets to apply its settings an... 2005-01-06 New Linux
162 Feature Request core Low Default hilight doesn't match if row begins with bold 2004-12-20 New All
160 Bug Report core Medium /join !!channel breaks !channel if you're on it 2004-12-17 New Linux
156 Bug Report core Very Low DCC Sends from XChat fail 2004-12-04 New Linux
155 Feature Request core Very Low hilight for chatnets 2004-11-30 New Linux
152 Feature Request core Very Low Space after completion_char 2004-11-20 New Linux
147 Feature Request core Low dcc_own_ip - support domain names 2004-11-04 New Linux
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