Irssi core bugs


Bugs should be reported on our Github organization. This website is only available for historical purposes.
ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status  desc Operating System
603 Feature Request core Low Split NOTICES like like normal messages 2008-07-16 New All
583 Feature Request core Medium retain DCC-chat sessions when you /upgrade 2008-04-22 New Linux
513 Bug Report core Low /away logs hilights on non-away servers 2007-06-15 New All
508 Feature Request core Low CAP framework 2007-06-03 New All
464 Support Request Low server connection msgs go to 2 windows rather than just... 2006-10-14 New
447 Feature Request core Low lastlog output has no "visible" level 2006-09-06 New Linux
440 Bug Report core Medium irssi core dump when compiled --with-gc 2006-07-28 New Linux
414 Bug Report core High coredump on exit + insane process 2006-04-30 New FreeBSD
395 Feature Request core Very Low /unload command for scripts 2006-03-15 New Linux
383 Bug Report Very Low http proxy + ssl crypts CONNECT 2006-02-19 New
377 Bug Report core Very Low away messages failed to show 2006-02-03 New Linux
360 Bug Report core Very Low canceled passive dcc becomes a get 2006-01-03 New Linux
347 Bug Report core Low /upgrade forgets oper status 2005-12-12 New All
346 Feature Request core Very Low alternate nick is a global variable 2005-12-11 New All
338 Feature Request core Very Low Autoupdate TAB on nick changes 2005-11-10 New All
329 Bug Report core Low usermode-setting isn't respected on automatic reconnect 2005-10-09 New All
312 Bug Report core Medium erase_completion broken 2005-09-11 New All
307 Feature Request core Low Integrate settings help 2005-09-09 New All
300 Bug Report core High resolve_reverse_lookup setting breaks with incorrectly ... 2005-09-03 New Linux
297 Bug Report core Low Hilight bugs 2005-08-31 New All
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