Irssi core bugs

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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened Status  asc Operating System
414 Bug Report core High coredump on exit + insane process 2006-04-30 New FreeBSD
395 Feature Request core Very Low /unload command for scripts 2006-03-15 New Linux
383 Bug Report Very Low http proxy + ssl crypts CONNECT 2006-02-19 New
377 Bug Report core Very Low away messages failed to show 2006-02-03 New Linux
360 Bug Report core Very Low canceled passive dcc becomes a get 2006-01-03 New Linux
347 Bug Report core Low /upgrade forgets oper status 2005-12-12 New All
346 Feature Request core Very Low alternate nick is a global variable 2005-12-11 New All
338 Feature Request core Very Low Autoupdate TAB on nick changes 2005-11-10 New All
331 Bug Report core Very Low layout save does not handle !channel properly 2005-10-11 New Linux
329 Bug Report core Low usermode-setting isn't respected on automatic reconnect 2005-10-09 New All
312 Bug Report core Medium erase_completion broken 2005-09-11 New All
307 Feature Request core Low Integrate settings help 2005-09-09 New All
300 Bug Report core High resolve_reverse_lookup setting breaks with incorrectly ... 2005-09-03 New Linux
297 Bug Report core Low Hilight bugs 2005-08-31 New All
275 Bug Report core Medium /hilight -mask -line nick!*@* fails 2005-07-12 New Solaris
269 Bug Report core Medium cmd_queue_speed and cmds_max_at_once require reconnect 2005-06-25 New All
268 Bug Report core Medium "/foreach window /window stick" doesn't work 2005-06-24 New All
239 Feature Request core Low "tab"-completion for <ctcp command> 2005-05-04 New All
230 Bug Report core Very Low Topic completion bug 2005-04-11 New Linux
220 Feature Request core Low signals for parsed channel modes 2005-03-15 New Linux
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