Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity  desc Summary Opened Status Operating System
145 Bug Report core Critical irssi compiled under cygwin crashes immediately when ru... 2004-10-30 Unconfirmed Windows
616 Bug Report core Critical Irssi in screen: -!- Irssi: critical gui_entry_set_text... 2008-08-15 Unconfirmed Linux
638 Bug Report core Critical Irssi: critical g_io_error_get_from_g_error: assertion ... 2009-01-24 Unconfirmed Linux
714 Bug Report core Critical IRSSI Config Severely borks IRSSI 2009-10-27 Unconfirmed Linux
918 Bug Report core Critical Process still hangs after exiting Irssi (in cygterm). 2014-05-09 Unconfirmed Windows
228 Bug Report core High Core dump while ssl connected under detached screen 2005-04-07 Unconfirmed Linux
300 Bug Report core High resolve_reverse_lookup setting breaks with incorrectly ... 2005-09-03 New Linux
358 Bug Report recode High UTF-8 charset in reconv broken on native Solaris iconv 2005-12-26 Unconfirmed Solaris
401 Bug Report core High sig11 on reconnect in 0.8.10a 2006-03-25 Unconfirmed Linux
406 Bug Report core High irssi terminated with signal 6 2006-04-04 Unconfirmed Linux
414 Bug Report core High coredump on exit + insane process 2006-04-30 New FreeBSD
543 Bug Report core High Irssi does not build on Mac OS X 10.5 2007-11-03 Researching Mac OS
564 Bug Report core High Can't run Cygwin and Irssi simultaneously 2008-02-15 Unconfirmed Windows
577 Bug Report core High DCC get accepts more than one xfer at a time with the s... 2008-04-06 Unconfirmed Linux
602 Bug Report core High irssi svn 4864 segfaults on /connect when perl support ... 2008-07-07 Unconfirmed Linux
636 Bug Report core High segfault with specific config file 2009-01-01 Unconfirmed Linux
652 Bug Report core High problem with Turkish locale 2009-03-15 Unconfirmed Linux
676 Bug Report core High Lock up irssi when switching windows at a pace 2009-05-27 Unconfirmed FreeBSD
698 Bug Report core High SEGV when connecting with /set -default (or -clear) nic... 2009-08-27 Unconfirmed Linux
710 Bug Report core High Irssi crashes on UTF string, while using recode_transli... 2009-10-15 Unconfirmed Solaris
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