Irssi core bugs


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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Opened  asc Status Operating System
5 Bug Report core Very Low print_active_channel not for actions 2004-03-08 Requires testing Linux
36 Bug Report core Medium Irssi just crashes, no idea why [ssl] 2004-04-20 New Linux
46 Bug Report core Low msg/notices to prefixes (eg /msg +#chan) goes to status 2004-05-14 New Linux
51 Bug Report core Medium Window code loses windows 2004-05-20 Unconfirmed Linux
59 Feature Request core Very Low autoclose_query disconnects dcc chat even if the window... 2004-05-31 Researching Linux
60 Bug Report core Low 2 icb bugs 2004-05-31 Unconfirmed Linux
70 Bug Report core Medium /upgrade stops logs 2004-06-08 Unconfirmed Linux
73 Bug Report core Medium Irssi does not join channels after reconnect. (Read IRC... 2004-06-13 New Linux
107 Bug Report core Low /me action and hilight 2004-08-22 New Linux
112 Bug Report core Low Irssi silently"accepts" float settings discarding the f... 2004-08-27 New Linux
118 Bug Report core Low status bar hightlight if hilight is set on code that is... 2004-09-08 Unconfirmed Linux
119 Bug Report core Very Low NFS unmount crashes irc 2004-09-12 Unconfirmed Solaris
124 Bug Report core Very Low Assertion failure in query window when cmdchars is set ... 2004-09-17 New Linux
127 Bug Report core Very Low paste detection/confirmation is broken 2004-09-24 New All
128 Feature Request core Very Low -realname, -user and -nick switches for /connect wanted... 2004-09-26 New Linux
129 Bug Report core Medium TAB not working after directory name with space " " 2004-09-27 New Linux
133 Bug Report core Low chinese input: characters not displaying in the input a... 2004-10-01 Unconfirmed Linux
135 Feature Request core Low IDN support (umlaut domains) 2004-10-06 Unconfirmed All
136 Bug Report Very Low missing output for multiple target messages 2004-10-09 New
145 Bug Report core Critical irssi compiled under cygwin crashes immediately when ru... 2004-10-30 Unconfirmed Windows
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