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Attached to Project: Irssi core bugs
Opened by Scott Sinclair (praetorian) - 2012-03-18

FS#839 - Log files are not closed correctly, causing files to be left open

I noticed today that my irssi session appears to have multiple dormant logfiles still open, that should have been closed.
I am on 29 channels that I get logged (according to /log output), and according to lsof, I currently have 358 files from the "irclogs" directory open!

$ lsof |grep irclogs |wc -l

Looking thru them, there is no consistency with what files are open, they are all for channels I am currently on, but may be a few days old, at least a week old, or at least a month old
If I filter the lsof output for todays date, I can see the right number of files:

$ lsof |grep irclog |grep 120318 |wc -l

My settings relevant to logging are below, please let me know if you need any more info.


2032:10 [log]
2032:10 autolog = ON
2032:10 autolog_colors = OFF
2032:10 autolog_ignore_targets =
2032:10 autolog_level = all -crap -clientcrap -ctcps
2032:10 autolog_path = ~/irclogs/$tag/$0/%Y/%m/$0.%Y%m%d.log
2032:10 awaylog_colors = ON
2032:10 awaylog_file = /home/me/.irssi/away.log
2032:10 awaylog_level = msgs hilight notices wallops
2032:10 log_close_string = --- Log closed %a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y
2032:10 log_create_mode = 600
2032:10 log_day_changed = --- Day changed %a %b %d %Y
2032:10 log_open_string = --- Log opened %a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y
2032:10 log_theme = default
2032:10 log_timestamp = %H%M:%S

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