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  • Reported Version Irssi 0.8.12
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Opened by Nathaniel (nathaniel) - 2009-06-27

FS#685 - Need a way to disable tab auto-completion when nothing has been typed

There should be a way to disable tab completion when nothing is typed. For instance, typing "f" and then hitting tab would still autocomplete to foo or whatever, but simply hitting tab with nothing typed in would do nothing (instead of auto-completing to i.e. "/msg -freenode foo").

The reason for this, is when pasting text that begins with a tab (frequent when pasting small snippets of code), the tab is turned into "/msg -freenode foo" or whatever, so you send the code to foo instead of sending it to the current channel as you had intended.

This task does not depend on any other tasks.

Jack Phoenix (ashley)
Saturday, 08 August 2009, 16:15 GMT
I agree, it's very annoying when you try to paste code into a channel and instead it ends up being pasted into a private conversation...this has happened to me a couple times.
David Andrews (thehelix112)
Thursday, 25 March 2010, 19:15 GMT
I registered for this site _solely_ to say that I will be leaving irssi in favour of an editor that will let me paste code. This is ridiculous.

At a guess, the paste detection algorithm should be tweaked to allow for single line pastes, and pastes that are part of a /msg, if they are conditions of course.
David Andrews (thehelix112)
Thursday, 25 March 2010, 19:16 GMT
David Andrews (thehelix112)
Thursday, 25 March 2010, 19:43 GMT
Update. 0.8.15-rc1 fixes this issue. Much obliged.

kfx (kfx)
Sunday, 18 July 2010, 16:47 GMT
There's nothing in the changelog about this bug. Has it been fixed? How do I disable this garbage? As a side note: why is this 'feature' even present?
Nathaniel (nathaniel)
Friday, 23 July 2010, 21:57 GMT
Yeah I installed 0.8.15 and still see this occurring. Is there some setting that can be turned off in the new version?