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Opened by Bitt Faulk (wfaulk) - 2006-10-03

FS#456 - irssi should notify on truncated messages

IRC has a 512-character limit to messages sent, including the command itself. Irssi ignores this limit and either truncates long messages itself or allows the server to truncate the message. In particular, the full message will appear on the local irssi instance, but only a portion will appear for other users.

It would be nice if irssi would notice when a message is going to be too long and do something useful. Whether that's break it up into multiple messages, refuse to send the message, only print the actually sent portion, something else, or even prompt for those options (like it does with a big paste), I don't know, but the current failure mode is about as bad as it gets.

This task does not depend on any other tasks.

Martin Wegner (mwegner)
Monday, 12 February 2007, 21:11 GMT
This is a very annoying bug IMHO since especially in a chat program you expect that all you write is indeed sent or you receive a notice that something went wrong otherwise. None of both applies to irssi.

RFC 1459 clearly states this limitation:
"IRC messages are always lines of characters terminated with a CR-LF (Carriage Return - Line Feed) pair, and these messages shall not exceed 512 characters in length, counting all characters including the trailing CR-LF."

And in a chat when you type a message no matter how long it is: you expect your program to send it to all participants, in full length. So I think the default action should be that irssi splits the message itself.

This is a behaviour that also other clients implement. I know it from X-Chat for example.

I would be glad about a relatively quick fix for this issue as this messed up my chats several times now ...
Ed (nilbus)
Saturday, 22 December 2007, 18:02 GMT
I can confirm this bug.

Can we decide on the desired solution to this problem? I would be willing to write a patch to make it happen.

I suggest splitting the message into multiple messages, as it's easier to code and a reasonable solution that other clients implement.
Ed (nilbus)
Saturday, 22 December 2007, 21:22 GMT
It might be useful to note that there is a plugin to help work around this, on .
Since the message the IRC server truncates to 512 bytes is the one received by the channel/user, this also includes your hostname as viewed by other users. This is hard to predict and doesn't work if you haven't joined a channel yet, as explained in ver. 0.20.45. In other words, its kind of hackish to fix and perhaps might just be best left in this plugin? Anyway, the bug remains, but I'm not going to work on it. :P
Jilles Tjoelker (jilles)
Sunday, 23 December 2007, 16:01 GMT
Recoding makes this much harder than it seems.

0.8.12 has some code to pick up host changes on ircu/charybdis (396 numeric, r4523). With charybdis a host change may not be accompanied by a user mode change.
micah anderson (micah)
Thursday, 10 December 2009, 17:33 GMT
The plugin to solve this works fine, however its not a good solution because it requires everyone to be running this plugin. Most people do not, so many people run into this problem.