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Opened by Rado Q (Rado) - 2005-07-12
Last edited by Wouter Coekaerts (coekie) - 2005-08-02

FS#276 - "make install" ignores "PREFIX" for perl-stuff

system which has read-only path for installed apps or using
pkg-management tool like "stow" and therefore requires new apps to
be installed/ copied over to another place than the configured
run-time install-path.

While most irssi stuff goes to the right "PREFIX" specified
location at "make install" time, some perl-related stuff goes to
the run-time install-path ignoring "PREFIX", trying to put it
somewhere into .../lib/perl/...

This task does not depend on any other tasks.

Clemens Heidinger (ClemensHeidinger)
Wednesday, 13 July 2005, 06:56 GMT
Use configure with the --with-perl-lib option:

--with-perl-lib=site|vendor|DIR Specify where to install the
Perl libraries for irssi, default is site
Rado Q (Rado)
Wednesday, 13 July 2005, 15:05 GMT
To clarify my understanding:
For example, at run-time everything should point to /pkg/bin,
/pkg/lib/perl..., /pkg/share, /pkg/..., including irssi and
generic perlstuff (base,site,vendor,...).
However, that run-time path is read-only, stuff shouldn't/ can't
be copied there. Doesn't matter whether it's perl-site, -vendor or
"any path", as long as it is below /pkg. Instead stuff has to be
copied somewhere else other than /pkg, from where it later gets
linked/ copied over to the final run-time path. So changing the
--with-perl-lib stuff to get the install path right might break
the run-time execution, or compilation might even fail because the
core perlstuff actually isn't at the install path but run-time path.

I could work around this by looking at the Makefile and specify
the extra variables to be overwritten for "make install", but
shouldn't "make install" honour "PREFIX" as base path for _all_
stuff it installs, so that you can specify the run-time path for
all parts at compile time and likewise the install/ copy path for
_all_ stuff at install-time?
Or at least that the perl related stuff honours the
settings for the various install... variables?
Wouter Coekaerts (coekie)
Friday, 15 July 2005, 00:40 GMT
So you want it to go into /pkg, but you can't write there? Then don't make install, just copy it manually.

I don't understand your description of the problem. What did you give configure as parameters exactly, and where do you say it writes to when you do make install, exactly, and where did you expect it to write?
It really only writes within the given prefix here.
Rado Q (Rado)
Wednesday, 03 August 2005, 13:18 GMT
./configure --prefix="final run-time path"
make install prefix="copy/install path"

Irssi (core) related stuff goes to the right location "install path",
while perl-related stuff goes to the "run-time path" specified in
Instead perl-stuff should either honour "prefix" for "make
install", too, or respect the "install..." variables of

However, since the perl-stuff already has its own internal
"install at different location" mechanism via the
"install..." variables, it probably shouldn't be affected by
configure's or make's "prefix" anyway if applied directly.