Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Irssi core bugs: Recently closed tasks 2015-07-28T16:47:35Z FS#780: irssi-proxy breaks RFC 2015-07-28T16:47:35Z 2010-12-30T11:23:21Z
Recently when trying to use irssi-proxy with an RFC 1459 compliant irc parser, the lines output to the parser from irssi-proxy were considered invalid.

Specifically, irssi-proxy incorrectly only uses "\n" line terminators rather than the "\r\n" terminators specified by the protocol -
Shane Mc Cormack
FS#882: /hilight (mispelled) and /highlight (absent) 2014-07-01T19:29:15Z 2012-12-17T05:29:32Z
All documentation notes are spelled highlight, but the command is /hilight. Can be confusing. Suggestion to add /highlight and /dehighlight as permanent aliases.
FS#538: Support for server redirecting (numeric 010) 2014-06-30T16:20:59Z 2007-10-19T15:33:41Z
I was trying to create some user-balancer,
and found out UnrealIRCd used this to redirect users to other servers.

tried it, and found out irssi does not support it: 010 Schaap 6667 :Please use this Server/Port instead
ERROR :Closing Link: TestUser[] (This server is full.)

I know this isn't in RFC 1459, but it would be nice to support.
FS#888: Gentoo 12.1 emerge QA Notice: Package may exhibit random runtime failures 2014-06-30T16:04:08Z 2013-04-16T14:24:07Z
QA Notice: Package triggers severe warnings which indicate that it may exhibit random runtime failures.
dcc-send.c:296:2: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules

Printout of Portage following the command: emerge irssi
It does installs and seems to work properly.
FS#811: irssi fails to run with perl5.14.1-1 2014-06-30T15:43:14Z 2011-07-01T03:16:23Z
using irssi 0.8.15 on parabola (Archlinux) OS 86_64.

after upgrading perl to perl5.14.1-1 I get the following error when trying to load irssi:
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/auto/HTML/Parser/ undefined symbol: Perl_Istack_sp_ptr

when I upgraded perl it had the following warning:
- The directories /usr/lib/perl5/current, /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/current,
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.1, and /usr/share/perl5/site_perl/5.10.1
have been removed from @INC.
- The script/binary directories are now /usr/bin/*_perl instead of
/usr/lib/perl5/*_perl/bin which will be eventually removed.

I assume Irssi needs to be patched to point to the new lib locations.
FS#907: Flyspray SQL error when using UTF-8 real name 2014-06-30T12:47:39Z 2013-11-14T01:27:37Z
Here's what I got when trying to register as "Marcin Cieślak" (not "Cieslak"):

Query {INSERT INTO `flyspray_registrations` ( reg_time, confirm_code, user_name, real_name, email_address, jabber_id, notify_type, magic_url, time_zone ) VALUES ( ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,? )} with params {1384391728,1303b7f7e517c89da9d0,saper,Marcin Cieślak,,,2,4b43221e953206fb6cc5c4a6888c8dc4,0} Failed! (Incorrect string value: '\xC5\x9Blak' for column 'real_name' at row 1)

most probably a configuration issue (make MySQL use utf8) or a bug in Flyspray.
Marcin Cieslak
FS#810: irssi + ssl + tor == 100% CPU 2014-06-30T11:20:37Z 2011-06-30T08:44:43Z
When you use `torify irssi' to connect to a SSL network, irssi starts using 100% CPU and never connects.
FS#870: [PATCH] UTF-8 characters corrupted once for every 32k text 2014-06-30T11:18:25Z 2012-06-12T13:12:59Z
irssi use TEXT_BUFFER to store all text.
TEXT_BUFFER will internally maintain text with smaller "chunk".

However, if an UTF-8 character was split -- the head of the character is in one chunk and remain parts are in another chunk,
the character will be treated as corrupted and display incorrectly.

How to reproduce:
1. Repeatedly input utf8 characters (more than 1 byte utf-8 character) to channel.
2. Roughly every 32k text, there will be some characters broken.
Kuang-che Wu
FS#922: Please close add new task 2014-06-30T11:17:34Z 2014-06-30T06:46:00Z
Please close "Add new task" feature as soon as possible, thank you as issues should be added to Github instead. All open issues should be either closed or migrated to Github and after that whole can be used as HTTP forward or similar.
Henri Salo
FS#910: Please fIx compilation with -Werror=format-security 2014-01-10T20:31:34Z 2013-12-06T10:12:23Z
This can be good for users using GCC with hardened CFLAGS and also it is good practice of "defensive coding". For more details see Fedora bug:
Jaroslav Škarvada